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  1. This campaign is open to anyone aged from 18 to 35 years old and residing legally in Malaysia.

  2. Each submission must be recorded in minimum 2 minutes and maximum of 5 minutes excluding credits.

  3. The participant must be able to succinctly introduce and deliver the key messages on what the Charity Home does and how the Charity Home helps in the Community.

  4. The video / short film must be able to achieve the following objectives: (i) able to capture the attention of the viewers and (ii) motivate the viewers to feel for the Charity Home and thus want to :
    • Help create public awareness to the Charity Home by sharing the video with others;
    • Volunteer themselves to assist  the Home;
    • Contribute cash to support the Home; and
    • Help get funding for the Charity Home.
  5. There is no restriction on the presentation format of the video / short film. It can vary from storytelling, documentation, stop motion, animation, etc.

  6. The dialogue / voice over may be in English, Mandarin, Tamil or Bahasa Malaysia but must include English subtitles.

  7. You are required to include Magnum Logo and MagnumCares Logo at the end your short film (before credit). You may download the logo on MagnumCares website.

  8. The Director of the film must be the person to submit the video / short film. The age requirement only applies to the person submitting the entry.

  9. The participant must obtain permission from each character featured in the video / short film with regards to the rights of using the audio and visuals recorded and/or other images or design works used for submission and publication without any compensation from Magnum.

  10. The participant must also develop a design for the CD Cover and include standard details as follows:

    Front Cover:
  11. The participant may submit his/her entry by providing the YouTube link of the Video/Short Film which must be titled as “(Video/Short Film TITLE) by (Participant’s NAME) - MagnumCares YIC 2014” OR email the entry OR deliver personally to

    MagnumCares YIC 2014
    Magnum Corporation Sdn Bhd

    Wisma Magnum, 111 Jalan Pudu,
    55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Tel: 03 2078 6233