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  1. This campaign is open to anyone aged from 18 to 35 years old and residing legally in Malaysia.
  2. Each submission must be designed with a minimum of four (4) pages with comprehensive information /illustration on the selected Charity Home.
  3. The size of the brochure has to be in A5 size.
  4. The contents and design must be able to achieve the following objectives :
    1. able to capture the attention of the reader; and
    2. motivate the reader to feel for the Charity Home and thus want to :
      • Help create public awareness to the Charity Home by sharing the brochure with others;
      • Volunteer themselves to assist  the Home;
      • Contribute cash to support the Home;
      • Help get Funding for the Charity Home.
  5. The brochure must be written in good English Language free of any grammatical errors. However, additional languages are encouraged.
  6. The design must take into consideration that subsequent reprints by the Charity Home may only be printed in Black & White.
  7. The design, copywriting, and contents must be original and the creation of the participant.
  8. Should the participant choose to reproduce any work, text, graphic or pictures, he/she must obtain the written approval from the originator of that work, text, graphic or pictures. In this context, Magnum will not be liable and implicated in any compensation or infringement of the intellectual property.
  9. Submit to us each each page of your web Design in JPEG file and name the webpage number accordingly. Eg: page1, page2, page 3….and so on.
  10. The shortlisted entry will be hosted on our website for public voting.