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What are the objectives of "Youth in Charge 2014: Do a good CAUSE, with your COURSE"? 

The Campaign aims to encourage the Youths to participate and assist selected welfare organisations to possess marketing communication tools that they can use to help raise public awareness and attract more public and financial support.




Who can participate? 

Any Malaysian or residents in Malaysia between 18 to 35 years old may register to participate.      

The age requirement only applies to the person submitting the entry.


How long is the campaign duration?

18th April 2014 – 30th September 2014


When is the submission closing date?

31st July 2014. Entries submitted after the closing date will not be accepted.


What should I highlight and deliver in the content of the submissions?

Introduce and deliver key messages on what the charity home does and how the charity home helps in the community. Also, able to capture the attention of viewers and motivate the viewers to want to take action to help the charity home either by spreading the message to their friends or donate money or offer help to the charity home.


Can I participate in more than 1 category?

Yes, you can participate in 1 category or more categories. 


Can I select my own Charity Home and not from the list provided?

Yes, you may, but you must seek our approval prior to commencing your work and commitment to the Home. We will need to do some preliminary checking to ensure authenticity of the Home.




Category 1: Short Film / Video

What is the duration for my submission?

Each submission must be recorded within a minimum of 2 minutes and maximum of 5 minutes excluding credits.


What is the restriction on the short film presentation?

There is no restriction on the presentation format of the video/short film. It can vary from story-telling, documentation, stop-motion, animation and etc.


Must I only use English in my entry?

All other languages are allowed but it must include English subtitles in the video/short film.


What do I stand to win?

A cash prize of RM 9,000. But, more importantly is the sense of achievement that you have assisted the charity home to win RM 10,000 cash contribution and designed an effective communication tool for them.


How do i submit my short film entry? 

Send us your YouTube link which must be titled “(Short Film Title) by (Participant's name) - MagnumCares YIC 2014"

Mail your entry or deliver it personally to

MagnumCares YIC 2014
Magnum Corporation Sdn Bhd

Wisma Magnum, 111 Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03 2078 6233
Email :

The shortlisted entry will be available from our website for public voting.



Category 2: Website - FB Design

How many pages of website should I develop?

A minimum of six (6) content pages must be fully designed and developed based on the selected charity home. Besides that, you also have to create a Facebook page for the home and try to link up your website to the FB content. Remember that it must be able to provide sufficient information on the Home to benefit the Home. 


What language should I published the website?

The website must be published in English. Additional languages are welcomed but not compulsory.


What do I stand to win?

A cash prize of RM 6,000 and more importantly, a sense of achievement that you have assisted the charity home to win RM 10,000 cash contribution and an effective website for the Home.


How do I submit my webpage entry?

You will have to host the website and submit to us only the URL or the Website link.


Can I develop in flash for my webpage submission?

Yes, you can. However, please take note that there are some tablets / mobile devices are unable to play flash. Therefore, it is advisable to develop on something that is accessible to all for the benefit of the Charity Home.



Category 3: Brochure Design

How many pages should I design for the brochure?

A minimum of four (4) pages of comprehensive information / illustration on the selected charity home.


What is the size of the brochure?

A5 size paper (a folded A4 size paper).


What language should I use in the brochure?

The text in the brochure must be written in English and/or any additional languages are encouraged.


What do I stand to win?

A cash prize of RM 3,000 and more importantly, a sense of achievement that you have assisted the charity home to win RM 10,000 cash contribution and an effective brochure that the Home can use in their fundraising efforts.


How do I submit my entry?

Submit to us your brochures design in JPEG file format and name it accordingly.

Eg: page1, page2, page 3….and so on. 



Category 3: T-Shirt Design

How many view of the T-Shirt should we submit?

Each submission must be designed with front view and/or back view with highlights of the relevant information/illustration on the selected Charity Home.


Any colour restriction?

The T-Shirt may be designed in any colour. The design must take into consideration subsequent reprints by the Charity Home as such the design must be simple to reproduce to keep production costs manageable for the Charity Home.


How do I submit my entry?

Submit to us your T-Shirt design in JPEG file format and name it accordingly.

Eg: Frontview, Backview.




How will I know I am shortlisted? 
All entries will be shortlisted by our judges and the Top 5 entries in each category will be put up for online public voting. Shortlisted results will be announced on our website at and on our MagnumCares’ Facebook page.

“LIKE” us on Facebook and we will keep you informed. We will also email the participants via their email provided.


Can appeals be made in respect of submissions that have not been shortlisted? 
Magnum's decision on the submissions shortlisted for online public voting as announced and published on the is final and no appeals will be entertained.




Who can vote? How to vote? Where to vote?
Everyone is welcome to vote. You must register to vote as there’s a surprise for a Lucky voter.

Voting period starts from 18th – 31st August 2014 at


Is the vote important?

The vote from public carries 30% of the total score.

There will also be a special prize for the People's Choice Award too.


What can I benefit from voting?

Every vote means a lot to our participants. Your vote definitely shows an enormous support to them. The winning entry will also help the Charity Home to receive the Cash Contribution from Magnum

Besides that, remember that we will also be giving out IT Gadgets to be won.




How will I win?

The Best Five (5) entries for each category will be reviewed and scored by a Panel of Judges.

The Judges’ decision carries 70% of the total score. The entry with the highest total score in that category shall win the BEST ENTRY AWARD for that category.




Who are the Judges?

The Judges comprise of Key Personalities in the Creative and Media Industry and also representatives from Magnum. 




*Please read the Terms and Conditions for more information.