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Magnum Academic Motivation Award (万能爱心学术励志奖) popularly known as the Magnum Awards, has been in existence for 18 consecutive years since 1995. It si to encourage the pursuit of academic excellence amongst our Youths as well as maintaining a balance betwen their studies and extra-curriculum activities. Some 36,000 top students in the country have been awarded Magnum Awards since 1995 and we hope that they have now moved on to be responsible adults and able to serve the society at large.


Apart from the "Top Student Award 学术卓越", Magnum is also giving out a "Most Improved Student Award 最佳学术跃进奖" to motivate and encourage average students to work harder and perform better in their studies during the teenage years. Magnum also introduced "Most Caring & Dedicated Teacher Award" in recognition of these teachers 最敬业爱心教师奖' hard work and extra efforts that has been neglected by most of us today.


Magnum is delighted to learn that every year, many students look forward to receive The Magnum Awards as recognition of their achievement.



Inspiring Calligraphy with MagnumCares(万能爱心全国中学生书法对联创作比), a contest to promote the Chinese cultural arts amongst the secondary students and help nurtute the youths' artistic talents. Besides the Chinese Independent School Category, Magnum is pleased to introduce a new category namely Open Category which is open to all students from any secondary schoolds in Malaysia since year 2014 onwards.



Super Mind Dynamic Academic Motivation Seminar is an annual motivational seminar that carried out together with Super Mind Dynamic Academic Services to provide the students with academic guidance and effective learning skills in preparing them for examinations such as UPSR, PMR, SPM and STPM.